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STILLWATER ó Misery, it turns out, isnít the only thing that loves company. The same is true for mathematics.

Students at Oklahoma State University have discovered making math a collaborative effort is engaging, enlightening and ó some even say ó fun.

OSUís Mathematics Learning Success Center opened in April to give students support in their coursework, from the simplest math to the most advanced.

ďI just love going there. Itís so helpful,Ē freshman mechanical engineering major Christy Reis said. ďI donít know what Iíd be doing without it. Itís my favorite place.Ē

Reis, of Tulsa, took calculus I her first semester and is taking calculus II now.

Doing homework alone means if you get stuck, you canít move forward, she said. Thatís frustrating.

In the math lab, you can work through a problem with classmates or a tutor and ďlearn how to get out of that rut,Ē Reis said. That not only helps get the homework done, but also helps when itís time to take a test, she said.

ďWhen you help people figure it out for themselves, itís actually a confidence boost.Ē

The Mathematics Learning Success Center is a bright and busy 8,000 square feet on the fifth floor of the Edmon Low Library. It features 126 computers for online homework, 10 laptops for checkout, and the opportunity to collaborate with classmates and experienced tutors.

Itís more than twice the size of the old math lab, which opened in 1985.

ďItís really nice, a lot bigger with a lot more computers to work on,Ē said Andrew Noel, a senior math major from Joplin., Mo., who works as a tutor and tutor coordinator.

The old lab was a dark, out-of-the-way place that wasnít nearly as inviting or visible, Noel said.

He said three to four times as many students are using the new center.

Chris Francisco, an associate professor of mathematics who coordinates the center, said 2,500 students stopped in during the fall semester for a total of more than 23,000 student visits.


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