English Proficiency Testing Course FREE

Students around the world preparing for English proficiency testing now have access to a new online course offered by The University of Queensland.

It is one of two new free edX courses, with the other designed to attract people interested in “thinking about thinking”.

Associate Professor Deborah Brown said "Philosophy and Critical Thinking developed the cognitive skills and philosophical ideas needed for a thinking economy.

“It looks at how thinking and argument allow us to frame and approach some of life’s big questions, from how we can know about the world and ourselves, to what it means to be thinking in the first place,” said Dr Brown, who developed the course with fellow academic, Peter Ellerton.

Both are from UQ’s School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry.

“The course is short and intense (four weeks), and will transform how you think and engage with the world.”

Each of the four modules is being released weekly, with the first available this week.

The two new Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – were part funded through edX’s High School Initiative, which produces MOOCs geared towards secondary school students from around the world.

UQx Director John Zornig said the new courses would suit prospective students who wanted to create change in themselves and to ensure they were university-ready.

Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded edX in 2012. It offers stimulating and engaging free online education.

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