Elevate your career status in 2012

If you want to elevate your career status in 2012 then it is a smart idea to opt for an online degree program. Enrollment in online degree programs has increased a lot in the year 2012 because online programs have revolutionized the concept of education.

Global economic slowdown has also affected the education sector and everyone is striving for a better job prospect. There are various reasons for increasing popularity of online education among students and professionals, which include easy accessibility, flexibility, minimal documentation and better career opportunities. Generally the courses offered by Universities includes different types of programs in various specialities like technology, business, health care, accounting, management and so on. The degrees listed below are has been ranked as top 10 in the industry.

Why Online degree programs are beneficial for Average student?

By AVERAGE STUDENTS we do not mean "Mind Power" but those who are NOT willing to expence more on traditional education still want to earn higher degree for better career prospect & Eager to do something fast implying what they learn but don't have time midist busy schedule. Getting an online degree is comparatively cheaper than traditional university degree because a student don't have to pay for boarding, airfare, transportation and another associated charges. By opting an online degree a student will certainly save some time as well as money.

#1 -Medical Billing and Coding

- This program is designed to train an individual to process health claims and maintaining medical records After completing an online degree program in medical billing and coding a person can work with a physician or in a clinical set up. Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing profession in allied health industry. Check programs for you

#2 -BS in Health and Wellness

- BS in Health and wellness degree program equips an individual with the knowledge of prevention and intervention methods which are applied to promote over all health of a person. A person who has successfully completed the above degree can work as a Public health educator, massage therapist, fitness instructor or a spa manager.

#3 -BS in Accounting

- This program is specially designed for students who want to pursue their career in the field of Government, public or private accounting sector. The program covers all the essential information about theoretical as well as practical aspect of accounting. You can also apply for a Certified Public Accountant program after completing your BS in Accounting Program. Check more here

#4 -AAS in Accounting

- Associate in applied science helps a student to acquire basic analytical and technical skills. The person who is pursuing this program learns to prepare financial, payroll and account payable statements. After completing this program Graduates can work as Payroll technician, bank officer, accounting clerk or a book keeper. Search more here

#5 -Accounting Specialist

- This program is specially designed for a professional who is currently working in an accounting field or wants to continue education in this subject. Successful graduates can work on the position of professional book keeper, collection clerk, personal income tax clerk, accounts payable receivable specialist or an accounting clerk.

#6 -Graduate Accounting Certificate

- This program is opted by the professionals who want to enhance their accounting as well as financial management skills. Successful candidates can work in public agencies, government sector as well as non profit organizations.

#7 -BS in Fire and Emergency Management

- This programs is designed to enhance the technical as well as administrative skills of an individual. This program gives a foundation in fire and emergency management services. After completing this course graduate can apply for the position of a paramedic, emergency medical technician, fire marshal or an educator. Search more here

#8 -AAS in Health Information Technology

- This program is designed to enhance the skills of keyboarding and computer programming. It also gives the knowledge of basic anatomy, pathology and medical terminology. The program offers a career as a medical record technician, health information technician, medical coder and coding specialist.

#9 -Nursing

- Online nursing programs prepares the student for working in the environment of hospital under the supervision of licenced health care professional. This program is designed to enhance administrative as well as clinical skills of a student. Search nursing degree programs

#10 -MBA

- This program prepares a student to enter in the world of business. This program can equip you with necessary skills which are needed to run a sound business. An online MBA program can help an individual to get a better position and salary at his work place. Explore MBA programs

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