Bachelor of Science in Sports Fitness and Wellness

There are many careers you can follow with a sports degree such as a bachelor of science in fitness and wellness. Follow the links to do a graduate certificate in sports counseling online.

Why do a Bachelor of Science in Fitness and Wellness?

If you've been thinking of moving into the sports and fitness industry, then this is a great career move that can be profitable and secure, but it can also be a complicated and competitive meaning that it pays to have an edge over everyone else in the form of some kind of degree. As a rule you need at least a bachelor's degree of some kind if you are going to go into this flourishing industry and this might be a graduate certificate in sports counseling, MS exercise science and health promotion wellness and fitness, bachelor of science in fitness and wellness or a bachelor of science sport management.

There are many careers that you can follow with any of these degrees and all of them are potentially lucrative as well as being rewarding work. For instance if you are a interested in health and fitness then doing a bachelor of science in fitness and wellness can open up many relevant jobs. For instance from here you might opt to start work as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

You would then be able to work in a gym or one to one helping people to get into shape and to build muscle, lose weight and tone their bodies. For anyone this is a very stable job - wherever you go in the world there will be gyms and fitness centers and any of these are of course going to need a personal trainer. At the same time though the job is also a good career starter - if you become private and then begin to build up your roster of clients then you can extend your reach until you are eventually training sports stars on a one to one basis - which is of course a very well paid career. Alternatively you might become a personal trainer for a movie star - all of them hope to stay in shape and to build muscle and lose fat.

Alternatively you have many other options. With a bachelor of science sport management for instance then you can be the manager of a sports team and help guide them through the leagues to success. For many people this is in fact a dream job, and if you begin to get yourself into the upper leagues then this will make a celebrity of you and mean that you will be involved in high profile and highly exciting matches.

Then of course with a more broad degree such as an MS exercise science and health promotion wellness and fitness degree, you'll be poised to be a highly valuable player in any job in the health and sports industry. Promoting sports events for instance might be your career choice and here you will get to oversee advertising, events and more in order to generate the same kind of buzz around an event as you will likely feel for it yourself. Then you might decide instead to promote health and fitness - this could land you a political job helping to promote health and fitness for your country or state, or it could put you in charge of promoting a brand of supplements, tennis rackets, or anything else along these lines.

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