History Of Roller Derby Skates

Sporting is an activity that boosts energy and assures a healthy life. It helps to reduce the risk of getting obese and bloated. With this roller derby is the sporting event that is involved with skating. Roller derby skates are worn by the performers who take part in this skating activity. The skaters who play roller derby use roller derby skates. This was first played in 1955 and Chicago was the host country. It is an international skating sport is played worldwide. However, it does not form a part of the Olympics. The need for roller derby skates has arisen due to frequent falls of the skaters. When the skaters faced the problem of comfort while skating, derby skates came into existence. Roller derby skates are thus innovation in the field of skating. It is an upgraded version of normal skates that were used by the skaters. There are various other types of skates such as speed skates, Moxi skates, roller blade skates, Riedell roller skates and many more.

Use of roller derby skates

Roller derby skates help in maintaining the balance of performers. Roller derby has two teams comprising of five members each with a maximum of fifteen members. Equipment required is roller skates that are the most important tool for the game. Helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, mouth guard and wrist guard are required for the sport. Both the teams have one jammer who wears a helmet containing a star. In this, both the teams play an offensive-defensive game.

The members of one team assist their own jammer while trying to stop the roller skatesjammer of an opposite team from reaching the goal. Players of this sporting event move around the circular path in a clockwise direction while the other members try to block the path. In this way, roller derby is conducted. Thus, roller derby skates help in maintaining the flow of performers. It has a good form of wheels, which reduces the risk of jerks while performing. A roller derby skate reduces the risk to fall and maintains suitability for the players. This sport has more female players than the number of males. In the early 2000s, it was organized by all female dilettantes in many countries like Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, and Norway. However, at later stages, both men and women participate in the event of skating with the efficient use of roller derby skates.