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Anthem College Online

The Business Management program is ideal for persons who wish to enter into a business-focused position. Coursework covers items such as ethics, how to gather and analyze data to support decision-making, and communications. Students who graduate from the Business Management program are candidates for entry-level positions that focus on key business operations such as research and marketing.

The Business Management program offered by Anthem College Online uses a career-focused approach that introduces students to basic business concepts for entry-level positions in businesses of all sizes, as well as nonprofits and government offices. Anthem College Online gives students additional flexibility over when and where to attend classes. They benefit from exciting and interactive Web-based learning that lets them interact with professors and classmates from remote locations. Anthem College is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). ABHES is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a specialized, national accrediting body.

  • Associate of Science Degree in Business Management:- Anthem College Online offers an Associate of Science degree in Business Management. Students in the associate program take concentration courses that include business, management, finance and economics. Core courses address topics such as communications, psychology and career success. The program includes concentration courses in business management that introduce students to concepts they need to understand to thrive in a business environment. Examples include principles of management, fundamentals of finance, economics, and communications. Other courses address different aspects of business life such as human resource management and conflict resolution.

    Students who complete the associate degree program in business management through Anthem College Online gain a competitive edge for entry-level business positions such as customer service representative, retail salesperson, or data entry and information processing clerk.

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  • Business Management Bachelor of Science Degree:- Anthem College Online offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management for students who want a more comprehensive education than the associate degree curriculum. The bachelor?s program addresses in-depth topics in management. Bachelor degree candidates complete additional coursework in areas such as operations management, diversity, ethics, leadership development and contemporary social issues. Concentration courses introduce students to concepts they need to understand to thrive in a business environment. Examples include principles of management, fundamentals of finance, economics, and communications. Graduates from the bachelor program are candidates for supervisory or management positions in their chosen fields. Get started on the path to a Business Management career!

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Baker University- Online Programs

At Kansas' own Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies, working adults can earn their associate's, bachelor's or master?s degree while maintaining their jobs and personal lives. By attending classes just one evening per week, most students can earn their degree in just two to three years. Taught by qualified instructors in small classes, Baker University classes provide an up-to-date education with real world value.

  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership:- The 41-credit-hour Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership (BBL) program teaches the strategies and develops the skills professionals need to lead their organizations through today's business challenges. The BBL core sequence provides students with knowledge in leadership, accounting, finance, employee development, marketing, business law, and human resources. Through this sequence of courses, students develop skills in creating effective organizational climates, coaching, managing teams, leading projects, and making intuitive and data driven decisions.

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  • Online Bachelor of Business Administration:- The Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is created as a multi-disciplinary study of business administration which prepares students to meet the challenges of the contemporary workplace by facilitating their understanding of a balanced and informed approach to decision-making. Baker University's BBA program is a 41 hour program designed to provide training in the skills required to make effective decisions and to formulate both short- and long-range business plans. The program provides training and the personal skills needed for effective organization. Listed below are the main concepts covered in the BBA program: Business Law and Government Regulation, Financial Management, Data Development and Analysis, International Business, Prior Learning and Writing Development.

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