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In order to find employment in the sports and fitness field, individuals must obtain at least a bachelor's degree. Sports and fitness trainers often educate their clients on how to use exercise equipment as well as provide rehabilitation services, injury-preventative techniques and other health-related information. Graduates may work in a variety of fields like hospitals, schools, clinics, and private practices or for professional sports teams. Now many corporate house have their own team for variety of sports they also seek trained coach help to build up healthy & wining team.

Cardinal Stritch University

Cardinal Stritch University The College of Business at Cardinal Stritch University provides an innovative learning environment. Degree programs at the Certificate, Associate, Bachelor and Masters level can accelerate your career and increase your salary, job security, and career options. Cardinal Stritch University strives to provide the most up-to-date and practical business and management education.

  • Certificate in Contemporary Team Management:- The Certificate in Contemporary Team Management is a 15-credit program that focuses on the competencies and foundational skills needed for employees to become successful front-line managers, team leaders, and coaches. Because employers consistently identify the ability to work in teams as one of the top requirements for success in the workplace, this certificate program concentrates on the communication and interpersonal skills necessary to supervise, manage, and lead teams in the contemporary workplace. Using a blend of skill-building exercises and traditional management and team building theories and principles, students learn how to work with people so that they become more effective in the workplace.

  • Certificate in Human Resource Management:- The Certificate in Human Resource Management (CHRM) program addresses issues that the HR employee faces daily, from legal matters to staff recruitment and development. It is designed for those who have functional responsibility to carry out the duties of an organization’s human resource department: seasoned HR staff members wishing to keep current; newcomers to the field requiring new knowledge and skills; or specialists wanting to broaden their knowledge base. The program focuses on practical applications and techniques associated with the principles of human resource management. Students in this program will learn practical solutions to critical issues that impact the workplace every day.

  • Certificate in Project Management:- The Certificate in Project Management program responds to the needs of a workforce which faces many changes as companies and organizations become flatter, and the use of cross-functional teams and project managers replace the traditional hierarchical structures. The target audience for this program ranges from First Line Managers to Technical Managers, Project Team Leaders, and those involved in engineering, production, human resources, or other complex business projects. The program is a six-course, 18-credit sequence that emphasizes both qualitative and quantitative knowledge and skills. The program uses Microsoft Project as the basic software. Because the skills in this program build upon each other in sequence, students must take the courses in the order presented.

  • Certificate in Sales and Sales Management:- The Certificate in Sales and Sales Management (CSM) program emphasizes the knowledge and skills essential for success in sales and sales management careers. The program provides courses in selling skills and techniques, interpersonal effectiveness in management and sales, sales closing skills and techniques, effective negotiating and bargaining techniques, and the role and functions of a sales manager in the overall organization.

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