Procedure followed for making a Tote Bag

Tote bags are basically large bags which are made of cloth and have handles on both sides. Tote bags never contain a pocket inside or outside the bag. The main purpose of the bag is to carry things and used during traveling and shopping. Tote bags can be gifted for friends and can have it for their own. The process of making a canvas tas bedrukken is easy and simple.

Pick the fabric of your choice

The first and foremost thing to be done is the selection of the fabric for the tote bag. The Denim cloth of old jeans can be used without wasting money and women those who are interested in having fancy tote bags can go for highly priced Satin cloth. Any fabric can be used for making tote bags. Women have to be cautious while selecting fabric for the tote. They should keep the purpose in mind whether to Cary heavy items like books or small things. For the sake of carrying books robust material must be picked which may be cotton,  or thick polyester fabric as tote bags made of lighter materials may  torn while carrying heavier items. Number of designs and patterns will be available in the market to decorate the tote bags and interested people have to select the appropriate colors for the decorations purpose. Heavier material requires heavier sewing machines to sew and heavier needles as well. While using the new cloth please ensure that the fabric is washed and ironed in order to avoid shrinking after the tote bag is made.

Sewing the tote bag

After deciding the size of the tote bag cut two fabric rectangles of equal size use fabric scissors for cutting the rectangles after measuring and marking the cutting opted with fabric pen or pencil. Repeat the same for the second fabric so that you can have two fabric rectangles of same Size. The handles should be placed in the canvas tas bedrukken and the place used for handles in the fabric rectangles must be marked in order to avoid mistakes in positioning.

 Sewing the tote bag

Initially trim the top edges of the fabric rectangles before sewing them.  It will resemble the two edges in the opening. Place the wrong sides of the rectangles back to back in such a way that they are facing out and sew them. Use straight stitch to sew sides and bottom and make sure you keep the top open. After completing sewing processes cut the handles from the fabric after deciding the length of the handles and then stitch the handles and attach the handles as well to make the tote bag look perfect.

Screen print designs can be used to decorate the tote bags. Design a pattern and place it in the stencil and use paint to apply the image on the tote bags.  Try to select a color which will reflect the image on the tote bags and which will add attraction as well.