Neopets made its way into the community world through the World Wide Web. Similar to numerous additional dot-com founders, co-makers Adam Powell, and Donna Williams took a popular approach toward making the virtual pets’ website. Powell was doing two jobs he hated while Neopets was just a sparkle in his eye, and, to his astonishment, soon saw his formation grow faster than he had ever anticipated. Around 18 years later, Neopets is still praised as one of the most important sites in the growth of children’s entertainment in the online kingdom. You can even buy Neopoints on this site.

It’s the Sign of Nostalgia

The site was (and still is) one of the numerous portals that provokes nostalgia for people who were raised online in the initial 2000s — an interesting,haven where kids learned how to code, spell, and do math while taking care of gorgeous virtual pets.Also, they can Buy Neopoints.However, beneath Neopia’s rainbow-marked imaginary realm was an open secret: for as long as five years, the firm employed commercial practices linked to the School of Scientology.

The History of NeopetsNeopoints

It might sound like an urban legend, and rumors adjoining the connection among Scientology and Neopets did certainly exist: Some have concluded that the prevalent NeopetXweetok was called in the mood of Scientology-lore symbol Xenu, however, as Powell said The Outline above Reddit, it’s not factual. There were unsubstantiated entitlements that staff were stressed to join Scientology, acknowledged in a Kotaku artifact that was removed. It’s probable that Neopets’ trade practices were linked to Scientology.

How this is connected to Scientology

Selling the firm to Viacom in 2005, Neopets then-CEO, stockholder, and Scientologist Doug Dohring used L. Ron Hubbard’s symbol trade model, Org Board, where supervision is required on many levels. As said by the Church, Org Board is an efficient trade “technology” used through civilization 80 trillion years before and reorganized by Hubbard. Neopets isn’t the first company that flexibly used or presently utilizes the Org Board methods

Neopets’ link to Scientology might not appear as obvious as additional American businesses who have strictly aligned themselves through religious principles. Though, as Professor Illingworth claimed, any form of faith used in the office is a “noteworthy threat toward democracy,” particularly if used on an even bigger level than a modest website similar Neopets.