Timothy Sykes Best Blogger in Forbes

Every businessman wants to grow their business in a very quick way to achieve their goals. To grow the business, there are many different methods like doing promotion of your business, advertising and via digital marketing. Many businessmen prefer to use the digital marketing platform to promote their business widely. In these days most people use the Smartphone’s and have social media accounts, so promoting the business on those platforms is the better choice. There are many different types of the platform to promote the business in a quick or easy way. Forbes is the platform where any businessman can easily promote their business, by providing the information about their business including products, about company and staff etc.

If you are thinking of promoting your business via digital marketing platform, then don’t go away from Forbes. Many big entrepreneurs prefer the Forbes platform for promoting their business.  The Timothy Skyes on Forbes has promoted their business, he is the best entrepreneur and also knows for his $1.65 million earning while doing his graduation from Tulane University. He is also a blogger, but Sykes doesn’t want to be a blogger. The Sykes only want to promote his book so that why he started his blog.  His book name is “American Hedge Fund” which was published in the year of 2007, many publishers offered him a good amount of money for his book, but he denied all these offers.Timothy Sykes

Sykes also says that now he is creating his own publishing company to promote the book. He is crazy about his book and also knows that selling a self-publish a book is a very difficult task. At first, he and his mom read the books on how to promote self-publish books. But after that, he sends 300 handwritten letters to many big business influencers. But he failed, and it gave him a path to create a blog and he got a good feedback from customers. Creating his blog changes his life and he has 5000 visitors daily in his blog. And by each passing day, more visitors are attracted towards his blog. Now he has his own company, which operates from Miami and 30 peoples are worked under him and his mother or father is also included in his company. If you want to know more about him, then visit his blog Timothy Skyes on Forbes.