Learning from Working Professionals

My teacher's real-world experience is something I can't get from a book.

University of Phoenix has more than 200 campuses and learning centers, and is available online in most countries around the world.

If you're like most of our students, you have a job as well as a desire for higher education. As a working student, you'll learn to connect textbook readings with what actually happens in the office. Our faculty members hold advanced degrees and work in the fields they teach. They know just how to link conceptual course material with real- world application. Many of our instructors also design flexible curricula to reflect a constantly changing world. We believe putting professionals in the classroom is the best way to prepare you for the workplace.

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Small Classes

I knew everyone in my class well. Including my instructor.

At University of Phoenix, we believe that small classes are an important part of your success. Keeping class sizes down means that instructors are accessible, and that you're held accountable for your own academic achievement. We have an average of 11 students per class. This intimate classroom setting provides you with a place to practice, try out new ideas, develop communication skills and test your leadership abilities. We've found that this kind of active engagement helps build self-confidence and teamwork-two skills that employers are looking for.

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I don't have free time. I work. I have kids. I run a household. But I want my degree.

University of Phoenix exists because there are thousands of people like you who want an education, but can't afford to put life on hold for four years. Many of our students are working adults who have families and demanding schedules. Everyone at University of Phoenix, from your classmates, to your instructors, to your advisors, understands the sacrifices you're making to get your degree-and our course model reflects this. Our goal is to help you fit school into your life-so that means you can take classes online, on campus or both. It's still a lot of work, and we definitely won't say it's easy, but getting your degree is possible if you're willing to work hard and be a little creative with your time.

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Earning Your Degree One Course at a Time

My life doesn't operate on the semester schedule.

University of Phoenix is education that's designed for working adults?and our course schedule reflects this. Instead of the traditional college course load, you'll take one course at a time. Also, you can begin your degree program almost any month of the year. It?s hard enough to squeeze a degree program into your already-packed schedule, but we make it possible.

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Collaborative Learning Teams

When everyone does their part, we all succeed.

At University of Phoenix, our job is to prepare you for yours. We want you to learn, but we also want you to learn how to excel in a professional environment-which means we place a high value on teamwork and communication. To hone these skills, on some projects we'll have you work in teams of three to five people. This model allows you and your group members to contribute your strengths, but also receive help in areas where you're weaker. Collaborative learning creates the push-pull of both peer pressure and peer support, while also teaching you how to operate in a workplace environment.

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Dedicated Enrollment Advisors

I hadn't taken a class in years. I had no idea where to start.

Even if you know you want to go back to school, you might not know exactly how to get started. Before you enroll at University of Phoenix, you'll speak with an enrollment advisor who will walk you through the entire application process and answer all your questions about programs, forms, fees and everything you need to do before you get started. Your advisor will put together an education plan that will help you earn your degree in a timeframe that works with your life. Your advisor can also provide information on transferring applicable credits, prior completed courses and professional training credits.

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Dedicated Academic Advisors

It's nice to know there's someone you can always call for academic support.

We know that starting a degree program can be confusing, especially with so many course options. We've done everything we can to make this process as straightforward as possible, so that you spend less time on your schedule, and more time on your work. After your first University of Phoenix class, an academic advisor will contact you to provide a schedule detailing which classes you need to take and when. We'll map out your entire program path, including the exact date of your graduation. Your advisor will check in with you periodically to make sure you're comfortably on track?and any time you have questions, you'll know exactly who to ask.

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Dedicated Finance Advisors

I have a thousand questions about how to pay for school. There's someone who can answer them.

If you've considered going back to school you've probably wondered how you'll afford it. Education costs money, but luckily there are a lot of ways you can get help paying for it. Before you enroll in a degree program, you'll speak with one of our finance advisors. He or she can explain all the financial aid options available?including grants, scholarships, loans, payment plans and more. Your advisor can also help you apply for various programs and services that you might not even know about. We know that our students' situations are subject to change, so throughout your University of Phoenix experience, your finance advisor will remain on call to answer any questions you have.

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