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Concord Online Law School is the leading program of online legal education in the United States today. Concord Law School offers a fully interactive program of legal education online. Since 1998 our mission is to deliver a sound program of legal education that is accessible and affordable, using state-of-the-art technology. Concord's relatively low cost makes legal education accessible to a diverse student population with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Concordís rigorous and engaging curriculum develops the abilities, skills, and perspectives in legal fundamentals, professional and practical skills, and critical-thinking skills that result from a sound program of legal education. Students learn the law ó the U.S. Constitution, state and federal statutes and regulations, and the case law that applies and interprets those laws. They also explore the policies that provide the underpinning for those laws, judgments, and decisions. In short, Concord students learn how to think like a lawyer, and they learn how to do the research essential to their craft.

Legal/Law Programs Offered:

  • Juris Doctor Program (JD):- Individuals seeking to practice law and develop the widest range of career opportunities should enroll in the Juris Doctor Program. Beyond the traditional practice of law, licensed attorneys are employed as corporate in-house counsel, risk managers, legislative analysts, technology licensing officers, contract administrators and in a host of other positions.

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  • Executive Juris Doctor degree program (EJD):- The Executive JD (EJDsm) is a unique degree program pioneered by Concord Law School. The Executive Juris Doctor program provides individuals with an interest in the law, or those whose career would benefit from advanced legal knowledge, the opportunity to participate in law school courses without the regulatory hurdles associated with becoming a member of the Bar. Enrollees also have somewhat more flexibility in their pace of study as they are not required to adhere to the strict guidelines of the State Bar of California.

    The program attracts a wide range of professionals including business people, health care administrators, and teachers who appreciate the challenging curriculum and interaction found at Concord Law School. Through their studies, they gain a sophisticated knowledge of the law and sharpen their analytical reasoning and communication skills.

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