VR Laptops – Drive the Way to Virtual Reality

Well, virtual reality has certainly opened many new doors for the entertainment industry, but what we are looking for now is how this technology helps us make our lives easier. And it seems that at least someone has heard our plea and decided to save us from all the pain that we went through to buy a used laptops. The difficulties in buying laptops are directly proportional to the driving excitement. Research hours for massive awards and reading reviews, endless conversations with agents and weekend outings for road tests; it seems like too much work, right? But for our rescue, once again, VR laptops are ready to save our time and effort in choosing the right laptops. Confused? Whatever let us simplify it for you.

What you need to know

We are talking about one of the largest online used laptops dealerships, Vroom, which has once again made efforts to simplify the purchase of laptops using virtual reality technology. Vroom has launched a virtual reality showroom that allows users to explore the 15 available brands and models with the convenience of their own headphones. This experience allows users to get as close as possible to their next set of wheels through the HTC Vive headset. Does not it sound really interesting? Let us give you an idea of ​​how your VR laptops showrooms work.

So, basically, when you put an HMD in the Vroom store, you feel like you’re in a huge garage full of laptops, like the ones that could be there in “The Fast and Furious.” Does that excite you? In the future, with the helmet facing different parts of the room, you can see the laptops more closely or if you look directly at alaptops, you will get more details about it. But that’s not all, to top it off; you can even take a virtual test of alaptops while navigating with a 360 degree video.  Beyond the ultramodern features, such as listening to the corresponding engine sounds of each model, users can also see important components, including rear-view mirrors.


Of course, it is a process of creative thinking and the system is not infallible because the image is sometimes a bit distorted, especially within the vehicle. But you will also agree that it always seems better than dealing with relentless sellers. The laptops in the VR version are animated, which makes the experience more like a videogame than a real player in the city.