Why are Rolex Watches So Expensive?

Rolex watches are an example of brilliance. We all since childhood have heard of Rolex watches and how expensive it is! For years and years, the Swiss company has taken all steps to popularize its brand and watches. Every newspaper, television, magazines have this Rolex watches depicted on it. From sports to ads they had it every. Since then we all have a desire to own one. However, the price tags in it limit us. Well, the question here arises that is the watch’s price that high. If yes, then why is it so high?



Rolex was established in 1905. In 1926 the first waterproof watch was build in the Oyster model. The technology used here is still in existence. If we recall the 1950’s, these watches were not that expensive. The Rolex Submarine was built after some years. As the name speaks, this was a diving watch. This became a craze and appealing to divers and rich brats to be the first to grab hold of the first of its kind. The prices then were affordable for many. However, to bring the price of Rolex down the makers have brought versions of the Submarine, which made the watch much more affordable. With time the watches can withstand any pressure, conditions, on land or underwater, this makes the watches so special.

Why are they expensive?

The watch’s mechanism is covered in a case called the oyster case. The oyster case is covered with a back case using an advanced locking system that makes it airtight and makes water impenetrable into it. The lock is so secure that by any chance it would be able to loosen itself. The knob to set the time is construction keep in the mind of the submarine hatch that won’t allow any water or duct to slip it at any cost. Rolex watches are tested extensively for the best quality. An example of this is the watch is tested and examined for 15 days in a run to maintain the quality. The material used in the watches is of the highest quality. This is the reason why the watches are so expensive.


Even after years, these watches have still the same existence as before. Well, I think even more. Hearing of Rolex still makes us wonder for the day we too would have one. It’s been a symbol of status. If you cannot afford one then you could look for vincero watches, which is an as hard stream as the Rolex one yet cheaper. If you wish to buy, the vincero watch guide can help you to choose one.